Looking for a visual novel with an urban fantasy twist?

Congratulations: you're a mage.

Fresh out of college with a degree in the arcane, you've made your childhood dream come true by gaining admittance to the Trillian, a renowned league of arena battle mages, where the brightest young magical talents duke it out every week for money, fame, and bragging rights.

As you tangle with the Trillian’s big personalities--an uptight genius, a hot-headed would-be rival, a handsome haloed jock, and more--you’ll uncover a mystery stretching back decades, and you might just find love while you’re at it.

Sound fun? Want to play? 

Seventh Circle is a visual novel written and illustrated by queer women, made for gamers like us, coming in April 2019. Our game was fully funded via Kickstarter on April 12th. You can read a statement from the creators on our project spotlight page. Preordering will soon become available for late backers. 

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